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DVI to P&D Cable Recommendations?

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I am trying to hook up a AIW 7500 to a LS-110 via DVI. My first attempt with a 5m cable from RAM Electronic failed (pixel errors) – it is apparently too long. I wanted to try it with a 3m but the cable is on backorder. So I started shopping around again and found a couple of other places where I could get one. Prices differ quite a bit ($15 to $50). So I am wondering about the differences. Technical specs - other than the length - are usually not available. However based on my latest experience high quality seems to be crucial.

What should I be looking for? Any recommendations?
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Since the DATA is Digital here...and NOT Analog

Any good shielded connection should work.

Fancy Cables may be necessary when you are trying

to send something that is Analog or has High Current.

Anyway that's my guess...[someone who knows more may enlighten us]

that being said I have been using the Ram Electronics 5m P&D->DVI-d cable

between a ATI7500aiw->DVI->LP350

I get some pixel error too....Red/Blue in Dark/Black areas of picture

mostly only viewable when I am about 3-5 feet from the screen

I tried Rams 2/3m extensions to go further... But complete Loss of Signal

Right now I have on Order a 3m Cable from CableWholeSale

Where else did U find DVI->P&D ??
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@ Mouw: Thanks for your reply. To your question: If you do a google search for “DVI P&D cable†a couple other places come up: e.g. pacificcable.com or si87.com.

I am wondering how one could tell the difference between a good shielded and a not so good shielded cable, if not more than a price is given - especially in a market where one can find sometimes highly inflated prices.

Cablewholesale has awesome prices. I am wondering what the difference between a RAM electronics and a Cablewholesale cable is other than the factor 2 in price. I guess I am looking for a reliable source for cables or for the experience of others of this forum with a specific cable. I am not so concerned about spending a few bucks more, but I really don’t like the hassle when returning the stuff (RMA, shipping, getting the refund, etc.)

Mouw, when do you expect your Cablewholesale cable? When I called them yesterday this cable was on backorder as well. Pls let me know how your new Cablewholesale works for you.

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Axel, I have the 5 meter cable from RAM without a problem with the same setup. Do you have the right part number? I will look and see what part number I have.

I used the S4116.5305. I would appreciate if you could confirm with the P/N on your cable.

You might have seen my other thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...66#post1061766

Last night I briefly tried another 7500 AIW. Results were a little worse. There seem to be performance differences between one card and another.
part # S4116.5305 (S4116.5301 - 5305 worked for me. If you have the same part, i would suggest you return the cable for another one.

I just got of the phone with Kristine from RAM electronics. Their manufacturer started to fill the empty pins on those cables with dummy ones. Now they seem to have problems with those cables. My cable has all pins filled. What about yours?

I am still looking for a good cable source. Anybody??

Got NEW cable from CableWholeSale

This is 10V6-05303 - 3 Meter DVI to P&D Digital Cable Assembly

Notice the Last 5#s of the Part#... 05303

This is the SAME cable with the SAME numbering as RamElectronics

I have RamElectronics S4115.5305 - DVI-D male to P&D male digital cable assembly, 5 meters long

Bag says cables are made in CHINA

New cable does not look like DVI-D (missing 2 rows pins)

rather has Blade and all 8 rows of pins like Axel reported

Now the BAD NEWS

the 3 meter cable has TONS of pixel errors (red/blue errors in Dark/Black areas)

Switching back to the 5 meter was a Quick Fix...(a few pixel errors)

Seems the Shorter Cable is DEFECTIVE.... what gives? :confused:

BTW - jxm71 said the New ATI driver fixed his SYNCING ISSUE
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Oops, I just returned the 5m DVI =>P&D digital cable to RAM electronics and ordered a 3m from Cablewholesale. I should get it mid of this week. I will keep you posted.

Are you guys absolutely positive that those pixel errors are a cable and not a driver issue?

Aren’t there any GOOD cable suppliers out there where one could order a DECENT quality??
I tried out the ATI 6071 driver with W2K/SP2->WinDVD3.1

watched a little of Mulholland Drive opening screens

On the Dancing with pure Blue background is where

I have seen the most pixel errors (random Red/Blue pixels)

But with 6071 and the RamElectronic #5305 DVI-d->P&D cable

pixel errors were at a minimum

Maybe just a FEW if I stood up 3 feet from the screen

I have NO pixel errors on STILL Windows screens (with a BLACK DeskTop)

So Axel I tend to think like U that maybe these pixel errors are DRIVER/DVDplayer related

Need to do more TEST watching with different PLAYERS

and go back to the new CableWholeSale #5303 DVI-d->P&D 3m cable

Currently I think WinDVD's SOFTWARE MOTION COMPENSATION looks better than HardWare

Getting WinDVD4.0 at the end of the month (CD will be ready then)

Need to experiment with ATI/PowerDVD/Zoom/TT players more

GF is leaving for Venice in couple days

(she's not into experimenting--well not with HTPC) :p
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Brief update: my DVI cable (3m) from cablewholesale.com arrived yesterday and it WORKS!! NO pixel errors so far. I run W2k/SP2 with AIW7500 and latest driver ( on a LS-110.

The cable shows 02/02 on a sticker (manufactured in Feb. this year?). All pins are filled as well. It seems that the reason for my pixel errors were in fact caused by a bad cable after all. There seem to be quite some quality fluctuations in the cables....
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