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DVI to VGA convertor for HS

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Dear All,

Does any device can convert the HS DVI out to VGA ? As I know HS 10 which has a VGA cabe.But the price is very expensive US$65 ?

Please advice me.

THank you
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If I'm understanding you correctly (please correct me if I'm wrong), you're asking if there's a cheap way to convert a VGA signal into a DVI-D signal for use with the HS10's DVI input. Gefen makes a VGA to DVI-D convertor box, but it costs US$300, and it's the cheapest such solution that I have seen.


Alternately, you could transcode a VGA signal to component, but such a transcoder would typically cost between US$200-$400.
Actually the Audio Authority VGA to Component typicall go for around $100! I have seen the cheaper RCA versions for 50-75 on ebay.
Chuck, my bad, I thought that the AA transcoder was limited to 480p due to bandwidth issues. If it works above 480p (and has sufficient bandwidth to support 1366x768/60), then it's definitely something to consider (assuming that this is what the original poster was getting at, a cheap way to pipe VGA into the HS10).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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