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Overall I have a VERY GOOD picture on my Optoma 753 DVI projector. However "in full screen" mode I have a very annoying problem in a strange video ripple to be found on the very right of the picture/screen. It is as if the rightmost video pixel row "spills over". Please have a look at the supplied picture of the projected screen (heavily cropped + hand held camera).

I have only observed the "ripple-problem" with a video picture.

I use the DVI signal from a (silent) Radeon VE/7000 video card.

Prior to installing TheaterTek I made sure Windows XP and relevant drivers where updated with the latest versions (ATI/Catalyst, DirectX 9a, ...).

The downloaded TheaterTek version is being used. Since I mostly use PAL disks I haven't "upgraded" to the latest patch due to the PAL related problems I have read about.

Reducing, window or "move away" the video picture a couple of pixels from the right hand side eliminates the symptom but obviously not the problem.

Any suggestions how to solve this problem?

/ Carl

Edited: Anyone has a clue?
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