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DVI2USB - a DVI framegrabber device

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Bob Sorel, et al., you guys might find this device interesting:


DVI2USB is the only external, dual-mode (VGA & DVI) frame grabber that can capture and broadcast diagnostic-quality images and videos from any device with a monitor and USB port - no peripheral component interface (PCI) is required. Its high-quality output is designed specifically for medical and military applications.

DVI2USB uses the ubiquitous and inexpensive USB port to capture output from virtually any VGA or DVI source - such as a Windows PC, Macintosh OSX, Unix machine, embedded systems, medical devices, scientific or lab equipment, and more. It then broadcasts these images over public, private or broadband wireless networks, enabling remote diagnosis of medical, military, and other situations in which a precise image is required for accurate decision-making.
Unfortunately it sells for $999 US. :( And I don't see any mention of HDCP support. Also, the specifications seem to be missing 1920x1080 in the Mode support, but have 1920x1200 in the refresh rate table - whatever that means!

It supposedly can capture several frames at a time too.

I found out about this device at FiringSquad's 6 month restrospective of the Xbox 360 - really handy tool for them to take VGA screencaptures directly off the Xbox analog outputs. However, it should work with DVI - hopefully will help you rich guys determining if our HTPCs are outputting correct levels. :)

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