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Hi guys,

I am upgrading my mismatched 5.1 setup to a 7.1 system, and was wondering if anyone could provide any advice on my proposed (used) purchase.

Currently I have:

Fronts - Mackie HR824 Pro Audio studio monitors (active)

Centre - Dynaudio 122C

Rears - Dynaudio Audience 42

Sub - Rel Quake

I have an opportunity to buy the following package at a potentially bargain price:

Pair Dynaudio Contour 1.3 Mk II

Dynaudio Contour Centre

Pair Dynaudio Audience 40

all with stands.

The 7.1 setup would thus be:

Front: Contour 1.3 Mk II

Centre: Contour Centre

Surround: Audience 42

Surround Rear: Audience 40

Sub: REL Quake

I would move my Mackie fronts to another purpose elsewhere in the house, and sell my existing Dynaudio 122C centre speaker.

All this needs to be driven from my Denon AVC-A11SR (called 4805 in US I think), which is THX, 7*150W channels.

I am happy with my existing Audience 42s and 122C centre - therefore I expect to be equally happy with the Contour Centre, and although the 40s won't be quite as nice as my 42s, they are still highly regarded speakers and are 'only' being used for surround rears.

Therefore my main question is regarding the 1.3 MkIIs:

Primary requirement is for movies, but I do listen to a lot of music too. Room size is fairly small - 11'x10'. This is one downside with the Contour 1.3 MkIIs, I have read they should ideally be up to 4' from the rear wall. I can't do that (max would be 2'), and realise I will lose some bass response as a result. However I imagine this to be a problem with a lot of decent speakers, so a compromise has to be had somewhere.

I haven't yet heard the Contour 1.3 MkIIs, but have read two excellent reviews:

In particular I am interested on comments on how well my Denon would match with these speakers - as I am currently using active studio monitors for the front, the Denon has never driven front speakers before.

And I'd be particularly interested if anyone has matched Contour 1.3s with Audience rears as I plan to do.

Many thanks!

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