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Amazing sounding Dynaudio X12's for sale in terrific condition. One of the most smoothest detailed speakers you'll hear. Not much else to say about these speakers that haven't been said
already in reviews. $1275 retail.
*** SOLD *** SOLD ***

"Havingheard so many excellent speakers in recent years, I thought it would be hard tofind an affordable bookshelf model that would stand out from the pack. I waswrong. The Dynaudio Excite X12 has become my new benchmark for loudspeakerscosting under $2000/pair. Robert J Reina - stereophile"

"StereophileClass B recommended components"

At the price, though(especially when you factor in the fine build), the X12s are among the mostmusical speakers around. ** 5 STARS **
"What HIFI"


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