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Dynex 32" + PS3 = what do I do?

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I just hooked up my new HDMI cable to my PS3 and did what I thought was everything I should have done on the PS3 side....I have it set to 480p, and 16:9.....I still see black bars on the sides.

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question (this is my first LCD HDTV), but can someone help me out please...?

Thank you very very much.
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Why do you have it set to 480p? It should probably set to 720p if that is the native resolution of the set (I am unfamiliar with the 32" Dynex).

Originally Posted by Pocket Aces /forum/post/12861069

Why do you have it set to 480p? It should probably set to 720p if that is the native resolution of the set (I am unfamiliar with the 32" Dynex).

Like I said....I'm very new to this, so I don't know what I'm doing yet. I just set it to 720p, and the only difference there is is that the text on the PS3 menus is smaller. There are still however black bars on the sides and it doesn't fill the screen.
I have a 27" Insignia. The XMB Menu displays at 1080i while most of the games I play at display at 720p. If you go to your video settings and set HDMI to automatic it should automatically go to those resolutions.
^ I just restarted the PS3 with the HDMI cable in a different port, the PS3 immediatley asked if I wanted to use the HDMI to for my video, the options were yes and no, I of course said yes.

Then they said would I like to turn on the "optimal" HDMI settings, yes or no, I selected yes, and then then it started as normal, and it started with the picture not taking up the whole screen....the black bars remain.
I may actually be able to help you more soon because I may trade my TV for the Dynex 32" since the price is very close to what I got the Insignia for. If I end up doing that I will see if I get the same problem.

Do you have the video setting on the TV itself set to Wide?
^ That was it!, I had the PS3 set up perfect for all of the options, but the TV itself wasn't set up right. Good thinking.

And just so you know, I would recommend the Dynex. I went to my local Best Buy to buy mine a couple days ago and saw that they only had them in the boxes and none on display. So I took one out myself and put it up on display just to compare it. I would say that it looked better than the Insignia there (I too was debating between the 2), I'm not going to lie and say it blew away the Samsungs, etc, but it really did look good side by side. For the money, it is without a question worth it.

If you decide to do it, use this 10% off coupon too.: http://emailinfo.bestbuy.com/pp/edit...A=1007&ci=9603
I got the Insignia on sale for $379 back before thanksgiving. Thanks for the coupon. I had the 10% one but not the 12% one. Any little bit helps. Considering its about $30 dollars more expensive, it is worth it. We shall see. Its a pain in the butt to return this stuff and buy another one.

The problem with the insignia one is that there is no Backlight adjustment so I can reduce the amount of backlight bleeding. The Dynex one does have it. I saw it on display at best buy today. The blacks seem to be better. Plus the color contrast ratio is a reasonable 1500:1. Not spectacular, but adequate.
you have to change the viewing mode to "Wide" not "Normal". I have the same TV
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