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E80 Dubbing Problem

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OK, I am experiencing sort of a weird E80 dubbing glitch. I have three programs that I dubbed from a VHS tape to my HDD on SP mode. I edited the programs a bit and then tried to HS dub from HDD to a DVD-R (good quality 2X Panny discs). The first time I tried to dub, I got the dreaded "recover" error but after programs one and two had been dubbed already, i.e., only the third one did not dub. I thought this was a media problem so I discarded the disc as a coaster and tried a new one. Unfortunately, the same exact thing happened, which must mean the problem is in the source. Any ideas? Might this be a bad spot on the HDD (the problematic program looks fine when viewed on the HDD though). Or might this be a problem with the program itself? Anything else I should try? Perhaps re-record from VHS to HDD and try again? Incidentally, I format my HDD every couple of weeks and very seldom let it get more than 30% full.
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Rafael your post is confusing. Did you high speed dub two of the SP programs successfully to individual DVDs, but the third program on your HDD would not dub at all to a third disk and caused a "recovery" message?
I they to highspeed dub the three programs as a batch, but the dubbing aborts sometime during the third program, and the system goes into recover mode. It happened twice in exactly the same way on different discs, so I assume it's not a media problem.
Sorry but I'm still not getting it. On the E80H when you high speed dub multiple recordings at one time, the first thing you see is either a notice that there isn't sufficient space or no message if everything will fit to one disk. Then when you arrow down to start the dubbing, a progress window pops up. This window is a time line counting back from 51 minutes or whatever the total dubbing time will be. It does not indicate which program is actually being written to disk during this process. At least it does not on my E80H.

So my obvious question is how do you know it is the third program that is causing the problem? If you are dubbing one program at a time are you sure you have sufficient space left for the third program? Since I've never done multiple high speed dubs to one disk, I'm not sure if you will get an insufficient space warning.

At any rate I guess you should just re-record the original VHS tape source and delete the possibly corrupted one(s).

Good luck
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I have done hundreds of dubs in my E80 and this has never happened before. I know it's the third program because the other two on the dubbing list dub just fine. I assume the highspeed dubbing is done in the same order as the dubbing list. That would account for the failure/recover occuring late in the dubbing process. I also know there is enough space for all programs on the DVD-R. Otherwise it would not allow me to highspeed dub.
Have you tried just dubbing that one program to disc (the third one that is problematic)?
Rafael2KI had a similiar problem. I just cut and pasted this from another thread here.

I had a similiar problem on my E-80. It's about 14 months old. I use the shorten segment and divide function a lot. But every since I heard about the hard drive problems. I have formated my hd about every 6 weeks.

I have been recording a asian subtitle drama 5 days a week. There are no commerials and each episode is about 31-33 minutes in length. I record this drama to the HD in LP mode. Then high speed 7 episodes to a dvd-r. Two weeks ago I did another high speed dub of 7 episodes and it failed on the 3rd one. I tried 3 brands of dvd-r and each one failed as soon as it got to the third episode. So I figure it was a bad spot on the hd. So I ended up high speed dubbing that episode to a dvd-ram like Marissadad. I transfered what files I had left to dvd-ram and formated the drive

I did high speed dub that episode back to the hd but never back to a dvd-r. But after reading these messages I decided to try. It will not let me high speed dub to a dvd-r. I then tried to just dub it to a dvd-r in LP. I tried a couple of different dvd-r's and each time it failed. The 2nd time it went about 20 minutes into the dub when it failed.

My only course of action now is to record this episode to a vhs tape and then either back to the hd or straight to a dvd-r.

Mine kept on going into recovery mode when trying to record the 3rd of the 7 episodes. How do I know, after getting out of recovery mode I can go back to the dvd-r and see where it only recorded part of the 3rd episode.

And yes I did try to just high speed that episode to a new dvd-r and I got a recovery error once again. I can high speed dub it to dvd-ram and back to the HD but not to a dvd-r. I have also dubbed it to dvd-ram in SP mode, then high speed dubbed it to the hard drive and tried to high speed dub it back to another dvd-r and once again it failed. So it would seem that episode is hosed.
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Thanks Chingu. So the darn thing remains a mistery, then....
Originally posted by Rafael2K
Thanks Chingu. So the darn thing remains a mistery, then....
I would guess so. Maybe a bad spot of the hard dirve. This was a first for me. I went through about 4-5 different brands of dvd-r so I know it was not the media. As soon as I can clear off my hard drive I will reformat.
Lock this bad segment on the HDD and you should be ok until the next one.

If you found a glitch on a segment during playback, then shorten segment on that and it should be ok.

I record scratch shows on the HDD again and find that particular glitch point, then shorten this point and just lock this segment so I don't hit this bad segment again.
But if the title is perfectly viewable (no glitches) on the HDD, why should I suspect it is a bad spot? The problem only arises when dubbing.
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