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EA Sports Season Ticket

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 For $25 a year , with EA Sports Season Ticket you have extra access to the following perks in their sports games like Madden, FIFA, NHL, Tiger Woods, and NCAA. It is now available for purchase on the PSN:

- Download and play the game three days early. The digital file then disables and you have to buy a retail copy to continue playing. All trophies and game saves are retained

- 20% off DLC

- Exclusive web content

- Online recognition of membership in-game
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I'm still mad that they forced DLC into the regular season for Tiger Woods. That's an expensive precedent there.
I guess all the speculation on EA's proposed subscription plan in the other thread on this was much ado about nothing...literally.
Even at only $25 for a year, that's a weak offering. The "exclusive web content" would have to be pretty good to make this worth it.
BTW, PS3 gamers aren't being offered this pass in Europe.
So, basically PS+ for EA Sports games. I guess if you buy a lot of their games and buy a lot of DLC the 20% might add up to $25 bucks... maybe... online multiplayer remains free as it should.

I can't imagine this is going to sell very well, but who knows.
It would be comparable in value to PS+ if they let you buy complete digital games at a discount and if the total savings were a LOT larger, but it's only a DLC discount at 20% max savings. Also, it isn't for all EA games - just their sports titles.

Doing the math for discounts on $10 DLC offerings, you save $2 a pop, which means you need to buy (EDIT
) thirteen DLC items each year at that price before you break even if that's the only reason you sign up.
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It's 13 items a year
13*$2 = $26. Now if the DLC is $5.00, then you're closer in that it would take 25 purchases to hit the $25 invested.
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Thanks for the correction.... edited.

I can't see any realistic way for the Pass to be cost effective if you are doing it mainly for the discounts like you can do with PS+, so I imagine that people will have to greatly value the three day early access and the exclusive web content as well to want to sign up.
We're on the precipice of being flooded with subscription plans from game publishers. This is just the beginning...

Originally Posted by confidenceman /forum/post/20773132

We're on the precipice of being flooded with subscription plans from game publishers. This is just the beginning...

Well, my first reaction is, "so what"? As long as multiplayer remains free... personally I don't give a damn.

Also, I'm not so sure we're going to be flooded. As others have pointed out it's a big difference when a platform holder institutes a program (PS+) where they can offer sweeping discounts across the entire platform. Doing it for just a small set of games is a lot harder to justify, and hell, PS+ has a lot of detractors as it is.

I could easily see this program being greeted with a huge "meh" and either being steeply discounted or not renewed for the next year. Although, it might be that the cost of running this service is not high and it doesn't need many subscribers to sustain it, we don't really know.
I think the Madden fans alone will keep this thing afloat. You know all of those hard core online gamers will pay the $25 just to get Madden 3 days early and have an advantage on people who get it release day.
it's just another bs $$ maker. they need to focus on QC for the games they put out. madden and ncaa have ben terrible the last few years, nhl has gotten better ,but they all have terrible glitches that should have ben found in the beta version and corrected. more of these companies want to add crap most don't want to something instead of improving it. examples are all the tv's with app's on them who the F cares about app's and getting on twitter/facebook on your tv thats what your PC and phone are for, improve the quality and picture of the tv don't add stuff that 80% of the people will never use ,same with games wow let's pay $25 to play a game 3 days early only to turn around and have to pay $60 for it later. these companies will keep losing more customers if they keep it up.
If anyone is about to renew their season ticket think twice. Ea announced today it won't carry over to next-gen.
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