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EAD PM500 Power Amp: Opinions?

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Is anyone here familiar with EAD's PM500 power amp? It's a 5 channel amp with 5x100WPC (8 ohms, 5Hz-20kHz, THD 0.03%, all channels driven). I'm not sure how unique this is, but it features dynamic power steering that divides available power among the active channels. It does not include balanced inputs.

Comments on this amp's performance? Sonic character? Power handling? How does it stack up for music and HT?

Many thanks.
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I talked to dealer here in Dallas before they got this low and he said of course that they were great.

I have heard that they are a little bass shy which may be negative depending on your speakers. But people on audioreview have said that its a warm sound. I haven't listened to that many amps in MY system but I have heard acurus and citation. I feel like both of these amps were home theater amps. I always felt there had to be better for music without spending a excessive amount.

If you have a small room and fairly efficient speakers I bet it sounds pretty nice. I should get one on tuesday but I'm sue it needs some burn in since it's brand new.

Another cheap amp deal is on ebay the soundstream m1's that audioreview is selling as parasounds for 500 a pair.

search E-bay for monoblock

[email protected]

ketch rogers

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I am sure some people are buying two.

The Citation deal was not as good a deal as this IMO.

They are old and I didn't like the build quality at all (IMO)!

Some people said it was good. I am not sure if the same people have seen acurus build quality v Citation. I'm sorry but the amps were perfect for hometheater and junk for music.

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The PM500 is a nice sounding amp, that is slightly limited in power output. Where the amp will have trouble for home theater is when trying to drive full range speakers to higher levels. Where this amp will really excel for users is with 5 speakers which are intended to be set to "small", where a healthy subwoofer is used. With the bass demands removed from the amp, things get much better. Obviously the more efficient the speakers the better, but average to smaller rooms should not be a problem with the majority of speakers. I am in fact getting one for myself, but I will also have some very efficient speakers which will be between 96dB to 102dB @2.83V, and covering from 65-80Hz up. At that efficiency 100W is PLENTY :).

Mark Seaton
Understood re: capability in running full range. My rig is set with everything to Small. The plan is to supplement my Denon 5700 and drive my mains, biamped, with four the PM500's five channels. As I understand it, the PM500 distributes its 500W to the channels that need it. Given that's the case that would amount to 250W to each main (Paradigm Studio 60s), leaving the 5700 to power the center and surround channels.

See what I mean by misleading the prospective buyer on these "100% efficiency steering capabilty." Citations are "junk" for music? John Fairchild sold his PM2000 and got Sunfire 600x2 and 400x2 amps (why would he do that if the PM2000 can steer all 2000 watts into 2000x2?); and he even liked the Citation 7.1 better than the EAD. Abdul once had the PM500, PM1000, and B&K 7250..he sold them all...he now has THREE Citation 7.1s. Corey Greenberg compared the Citation's unbridged 150 watts against his $2k Aragon 2004MKII (predecessor to 8008BB) and called it a toss-up. One member dumped his Aragon 8008BB/8008x3 combo for a pair of citation 7.1s.

Acurus has better build quality than Citation?? Guess, Acurus also has better build quality than their big brother, the Aragons.


Read the thread below:

The PM2000 measured 190x5 and 225x1 on an average voltage draw (some european mags measured about 330x5). Well, shouldn't 190x5 equate to at least 900x1 and not 225x1 (400% discrepancy!) if this "steering" is able to defy physics. If you want true 200x2, get a 200x2 amp (parasound 1500A, Rotel 991, etc). I don't think ANY 100x5 amp has ever measured more than 200 watts into ONE channel, I highly doubt the PM500 will do 500x1.

However, the PM500 for $795 is a great buy and should give you ~ 160x2 in biamped mode; or give you 5 good channels if you get a prepro later.
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See what I mean by misleading ..........Corey Greenberg compared the Citation's unbridged 150 watts against his $2k Aragon 2004MKII (predecessor to 8008BB) and called it a toss-up.

Talk about misleading.....

The Aragon 2004 is the predecessor to the 8002 not the 8008. So Corey is comparing the Citation to a 10 year old version of Aragon's cheapest amp.

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If the Citations are so good why are they discontinued?

Seems like they would still be around since they beat up on Aragon.

No I have not seen the guts of the Aragon but if it's like the Acurus it should be well above the Citation which is a little hoakey looking on the inside.

I think I sold Abdul one of my 7.1's???

Could be wrong though.

The amps are big monsters with no flaws in particular but if you don't think there's room for improvement your fooling yourself.

I don't care to much if the EAD doesn't live up to it's reputation because I don't intend to have it permanently either just a nice buy on a pretty little silver amp.

Some people change there pre/pro's allot, well, I change my amps allot.

I am glad that you have an amp your happy with Ricky. I wasn't really content with mine. I am excited about the little EAD though.

Good Weekend http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

I guess I was a little out of line by saying the 7.1 was junk on music I guess I should just say that I didn't like it.


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If you are concerned about the intergrity of the rating don't worry. Its not hard to make a 100Wx5 amplifier. 400Wx5 is a different story.

Supposedly, the amp has 500W to distributed, and it can do so over as few as 1 channel or as many as 5.

I don't think there is a better buy out there sonically for $800 (but who listens to me anyway!). But also consider how cool this amp looks! It's art! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


Migliore Theater
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Sorry about the 8002/8008 mistake.


In terms of citation owners, I think you are in the minority (those who sold them). Why did citation not sell? Let me list the reasons:

1) 4 channel amp....yes, how many people want a 4 channel amp (before 6.1EX, 99% of homes had 5 speakers)

2) Madrigal chose to promote its proceed product

3) Low Distribution (related to #2)

4) The debilitating HK name (even though the Citation amps have absolutely no design/production connection)

5) The amps were promoted as part of the citation systems, not separate amps.
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If you're only using 4/5 channels to biamplify 2 speakers the 100WPC rating shouldn't worry you. Particularly when considering the Studio 60s are reasonably efficient (90 or 91dB I believe). Moreso again if you have them set to Small for HT activities. My idea is to leave the center and surrounds powered by the Denon 5700 - distribute the available power a little more. This should help all channels as the burdens on the respective amps are reduced. The potential issue is difference in sonic character between the Denon and EAD amps.

At this price it's a pretty low risk proposition.
I'm not sure that it's THAT limited in power. Output differences between my PM2000 and the PM500 are only 6db. Now, if you have 84-87db speakers, it might be a little shy. But if you are around 88+, thats plenty.

I understand that the PM's all have similar characteristics. And I've hear the 500 is bass shy. But it is only 100Wpc, kinda explains it.

If you biamped, you would get 125Wx4. You'd have to run regular to get 250Wx2.

Frankly, I'm floored to hear that anyone would give up a PM2000 for anything short of a Jeff Rowland/Boulder/Accuphase etc. I'm not sure what your beef is with these amps. They are excellent. They are also best run at 240V. If you are going to spend $7k on this amp, surely setting up a 240V line for best performance is not unreasonable. I don't think the PM1000/500 have any problem reaching full potential at degraded line voltage.


Migliore Theater
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EAD/Cinepro Dealer.Have had both the PM2000s and the Big Cinepros in the demo system. As for the power delivery thing of EAD. First and foremost you need to have a ton of stable current to feed the EAD. If you do, you will be rewarded by glorious 5 channel sound. In Blind tests between the EAD PM 2000 and the Cinepro 1k2se people always say the Cinepro sounds more powerfull. Here you have a 2 channel 375 amp squacing off with a 200X5 that should be able to go to 1000X2 watts each channel. In recent demos people have prefered the 1K2se over the 3k6seIII in a demo. Saying the 1k2se sounded cleaner and more detailed. What ever... its the buyers opinion that matters.

This is warmer... this is more real... but everyone seems to agree that more power is better. EAD is not going to produce the PM500 due to the fact that more powerfull amps is where the market is headed. IS the PM500 for $800 a drop in the bucket? It is a solid performer. But the blow out price is a screamming deal!

BTW. EAD makes some of the best Digital stuff at any price! DAC to die for!

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Dear Jay Mitchosky,

I have not heard the EAD PM500. But I do have the EAD PM2000 and a EAD's Theatermaster Signature digital preamp/processor. It is an amazing combination. If you aren't on a strict budget I would get the EAD PM1000 for a little bit more power. I sold my Krell 300i amp and Denon 5600 receiver to get my EAD Combination.

The EAD amp doesn't seem like it has a lot of bass because they are extremely smooth. And not as harsh as the Krell amp I had. I have not been able to stump my Powermaster 2000. It sounds superb for both music and thundering with Movie soundtracks. Just a side note the guys at EAD got guidance for designing these amps from Jeff Roland. And they are very similar. I also chose the EAD over the Aragon 8008BB and 8008x3.

Hope this helps, bkwong73
So here in Canada, how much should one expect to pay for an EAD PM1000 ?? Any dealers in the Ontario area ???
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