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OK, I haven't picked out my new reciever yet, but here's the goal:

To have the following devices hooked up to minimize wiring but also allow use of TV speakers or surround, TV speakers without having to turn the receiver on.

Here are the key devices:


Xbox 360 (Elite, has HDMI)


About a half dozen legacy systems (NES through Gamecube)

HD TiVo (currently on component, my TV doesn't seem to like it on HDMI)

I have a Samsung DLP (LED 2nd gen) with 3 HDMI in and assorted other inputs.

I've done this with my existing reciever (Pioneer VSX-912) with ease on the 360, it outputs sound over both the HDMI and Optical simultaneously. The PS3, however, will not. I'm getting an HDMI switching receiver soon (leaning HK-254, possibly Marantz 4003 or 5003)

Here's all I've been able to come up with: Lots of splitting. Split the HDMI from the PS3 to both the TV and rec. Might do the same on the Xbox (or keep as is). If I split both, then use the 3rd HDMI to come from the receiver. Which leaves the Wii and legacy systems. I'm guessing audio out from the TV will be the easiest (as it's all stereo or prologic II for legacy/wii). The HD TiVo I haven't got a good answer for, since my TV and it only seem to get along on HDMI, so i suppose optical to the rec, stereo to the TV.

Anyone have any other ideas on how to pull this off? I don't think anyone makes a receiver that will switch HDMI without being on, which was my only other thought.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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