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Easiest way to play youtube m4a video in mpc-HT without blindly installing codec suites

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What are the minimum filters needed to decode the weird youtube m4a video format. For whatever reason, even the most popular filters don't seem to handle this video format. I already have LAV video splitter installed on the system; which I dont want to get rid of. I also have the latest version CodeAVC installed. Ideally, I only just want to register one or two filters and enable the external filters via MPC-HT

Thanks in advance,

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Which YouTube video (URL) can't you play?
I CAN play all YouTube downloaded video format such .mp4, flv. I only get audio for. m4a downloaded files. Most videos can be downloaded in these formats if you use a YouTube video downloading browser add-on. I'm not sure what video format us used in the m4a container.
m4a was for audio, hence the "a", just as m4v was for video. I'm not sure how you download your youtube vids but in Firefox I use the Easy Youtube Video Downloader and mp4 selected.
Man Im so dumb. All this time I was tryi g to get video out an audio container. Thanks!
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