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I'm kind of naive when it comes to anything but a standard/single display configuration, and I have a question about something I'm thinking about doing.

Currently I have a 20" PC monitor and a non-HD TV. I'm thinking about buying a 42" (or so) HD TV. I know that several of the LCD ones have PC inputs, so I might like to hook up my PC to the TV to watch movies or even to do other general stuff on my PC. But I know there will be other times when I want to watch TV while I'm on my PC - maybe watch a football game in the background while I'm reading emails, for example. So I'll want to go back to my current 20" PC monitor while I'm watching something else on TV.

My question is, how should I best go about it so that I can switch between my current PC monitor and an HD TV hooked to my PC? Ideally I want to do something really simple, like using Y-cable to output the same PC signal to both monitors at the same time - but I don't think this would work since the two monitors will have different resolutions (and I don't know if such a Y-cable for PC monitors even exists). Am I going to have to buy a 2nd display adapter card to drive the 2nd PC monitor, even if I plan to only use one monitor at a time? I'm not really wanting dual-display, at least not two display monitors at the same time, but I don't know of an easy way to go back and forth between the monitors of different resolutions without having two adapter cards. Do people in this forum have any suggestions?
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