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eastern promises

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just wondering first time i loaded this movie it took almost 1min too load on a a3 player second time it took 3reboots and 5mins of black screen too load what do you think cause this sunden changes
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Hope that your A3 is running the latest firmware or may be another yet another YMMV COMBO phenomenon.
Downloading the web content was it?
mine loaded fine on my A35. but it froze at 46:17. I could not get it to go to the second layer. I had to finish the movie in SD. I think it's a problem with this disc though.
Played just fine on my A1 and A2. Had one VERY small stutter on the A1 (layer change maybe was about halfway through the movie) that lasted less than a second and never had an audio sync issue so I consider it really a non issue.

Originally Posted by Tybolt80 /forum/post/12865602

this movie was way too penisey.

Sorry, not possible.
Didn't have any problems on my A2, but then again I have never had a problem with a combo (knocks on wood)

Originally Posted by bman3241 /forum/post/12867308

Didn't have any problems on my A2, but then again I have never had a problem with a combo (knocks on wood)

had no problem with this one

have not had problem with any combo since update 1.6

currently have hd-a2 v2.7
Great movie, brutal price...$39.99 at my local Future Shop and they have about 30 copies!!

Sorry to hear about the playback glitch with some of you. I was planning on buying it, but not at that price. Rented the SD DVD instead...

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Played flawlessly on my A2 with no updates (got it Dec. '06). Great movie.

Originally Posted by MattGuyOR /forum/post/12866280

Sorry, not possible.


Despite the rogue penis issues, no problem with EP on an A1, haven't tried it on the A2... neither is networked.

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