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Hi there, i just got a fluance sxhtb+ system, and i'd like to add 2 other speakers to get 7.

Is is better to go with full range speaker or tower or bookshelf speakers? What would be better?. My budget is around 150$. Would it be better moving my front 2 fluance tower and move them back and add 2 better front speaker.

Let me know what you think.

What would be an optimal setup. For my money.

My room is around 20x15

My receiver is a Pioneer 816K.

Don't have a sub yet but will probably get 1 at the same time as the 2 other speakers. Budget around 200$ for this one.

I live on the 2 second floor of an apartment building so i don't want to see my neighbors knock on the walls/door/ceiling every time i watch a movie. I'm a friendly neighbor i guess. hehe.

thx a lot
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