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-hello everyone.... first I have to say, that i have really enjoyed combing through everyone's posts in this tread. There are some real beautiful systems and I can only imagine how they perform. I figured it was finally time to share again. ( i posted some pics of our indoor set up several years ago )

-a little back ground explaining my systems and why I chose them. We live in Los Angeles, property value is crazy, so when we purchased our small home (1000 sq feet ) I knew we had to love it because chances were good we would never be able to afford another home in the area. The main reason we loved the home (aside from the area) was it had a large covered patio out back ( 18 x 21 feet ) . I knew that with our weather out here, it would eventually become our great room where we could entertain. I finally got my act together 3 years ago (we have been in the house 16 years) and ripped out all our grass, (laid down pavers and retaining walls ) built a bbq / bar area and fireplace into the patio. I think the moral of the story ( for us ) is.... small home, decent size back yard coupled with great So Ca weather... makes for great outdoor living year round.

another note.... i tend to buy stuff on sale.... and then 5 years later, buy something else on sale, since it seems electronics are moving so fast now... - i would love to build a true theater some time... but I am out of space at my home!


(small home = with a small 'S' shaped living room = small speakers... )

orb satellites all the way around for this 7.1 system

receiver : yahama rx-v573

subwoofer : pioneer s-8

samsung un55es6150f led

samsung blu ray player

furniture : crate and barrel corner stand

center, left and right front channels

left side

right side

left and right rear's (poking up on the back side of the couch) - sorry about the bag of trash on the floor... lol !

sub woofer ( buried in the corner behind the lamp stand )

here is a picture of the living room area so you can get a feel for what I am dealing with.... pardon the cabinet in the middle of the living room, its my next project (remodeling our bathroom)

on to the fun stuff!!!

my outdoor covered patio man cave !


58 inch samsung plasma ( when I built the fireplace into the patio (3 years ago) - I figured a 60 inch set would be plenty large... who knew ! lol ! ) -screens have jumped up in size so quickly i guess i could/ should have made it larger ??

onkyo ht-rc360

behringer ref amp A500 ( runs my 4 ceiling speakers( can't remember the make.. sorry, i think they are 8 inch in size) over in the bar/bbq area

Energy Take TWR (towers) left & right side and rear channels

Energy Take FPS center channel. - I bought all the Energys speakers 3 years ago or so.... remember when they had the silver towers ? they were dirt cheap... - i want to say $59 each... so I bought 4.... i think i had to pay $125 for the center channel in black... i painted all the speakers brown to match the color of the patio and they blended in real well.... many folks ask where the sound is coming from. I pulled the grill off one to show you in one of the pictures.

12 inch Energy sub (on the ceiling)

my wife and daughter watch 75% of their shows inside.... I probably watch 90% of my shows outside ! ( all sports and most movies, unless its mid-week... as I don't like to have it too loud outside for the neighbors ) we slide the furniture around to the middle, turn on the fireplace, bring in a space heater.... and if its really cold.... put on the snuggies !

right front speaker

right front with grill off

right side rear

left side rear

left front speaker


center channel up high on ceiling

my bar / bbq area :

speaker mounted in ceiling ( 1 in each corner )

thanks for the great informative site! ec
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