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I'm looking to create an 8-zone Whole House Audio System. Driving the system I plan to use the Russound D1650: hxxps://images.crutchfieldonline.com/ImageHandler/trim/3000/1950/products/2015/24/543/g543D1650-B.jpg

It's their 16-channel multi-room power amplifier. I want each zone to have its own dedicated source (no switching between sources in zones). The sources will all be ceiling mounted 3rd Generation Echo Dots (Note: I'm using separate Echo Dots because I want to be able to utilize the Echo's Voice Commands and hear Alexa's feedback in each room). The audio will be sent from the Echo Dots to the amplifier via 3.5mm to RCA cables. Judging by the back of the Russound D1650 I think this should be possible. I will be able to power each Echo Dot by using Power Over Ethernet (PoE) adapters and ethernet cables that run to a PoE Switch.

Lastly, the first four zones will all have a pair of ceiling mounted speakers. However, the last four zones I would like to add an additional speaker to each (for a total of either 3 speakers in each zone).


1. I had planned on using the Echo Dot's voice commands to control the volume in each zone instead of in-wall volume knobs. Will this be possible or create any issues? Would I need a controller component?
2. Do I need any other audio equipment outside of speaker wire?
3. For the zones containing more then two speakers. Should they all be stereo speakers? And is it possible to have up to four stereo speakers in one zone with the Russound D1650?

Please provide any other feedback as needed. All input is welcomed. I'm here to gather knowledge so I can make and informed purchase.

- steveclynn

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A few comments,

The 1650 is 16 channels, not 16 zones. It will give you 8 stereo zones.

I think you'd be ok without a preamp between echo dots and the amp. Each zone has gain controls that should allow you to trim output so "Alexa volume 10" is not damaging to speakers, distorting, deafening or whatever.

The 1650 is stable to 4 ohms as long as you aren't bridging channels into that load. Choose speakers that are 8 ohm and you can parallel two on each channel. You could look for 4 ohms and run in serial, but choices are limited and IMO wiring is more difficult in ceiling applications especially later when you can't see where everything is going. My suggestion is if you want 3 speakers in a zone, one pair should be Left Right and the third a single speaker stereo (dual voice coil) so that impedance stays balanced.
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