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EchoStar/DIRECTV merger

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I get emailed sample issues from HDTV Magazine S.I. and today I received this one which I thought might be off intrest.They don't elaborate but here's what the first line reads.

HDTV Magazine S.I.

November 8, 2001


Ten to twenty HD channels expected from EchoStar/DIRECTV merger.
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That's great except that there's not ten to twenty channels operating at this time. You have CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, HBO, Showtime, HDNET and DishPPV, DirecTV PPV.

With the exception of HDnet none of these are full time HD channels. And many will chime in here to point out Showtime and NBC do not even belong on the list.

I think it's safe to say a combined DBS provider will easily have the CAPACITY for 20 HD channels, but the program suppliers must step up to the plate. No DBS company has the power to change that let alone the money needed to foot the bill. Even with mutilple PPV movie channels, there is still a very small amount of movies in HDTV format considering the total collection of film works over the last century. HBO is doing it's own transfers on most of the B and older films. That's mainly because the studios will not invest in the cost to re-transfer in HD. If HBO wants HD versions, they are forced to have them transferred at their cost or do it them selves.
And to add Glimmie's post - to get all those new HD channels will require freeing up a lot of transponder space (duplication of service). To free up the space will require somebody to change over from their current equipment to the other (d*->e* or e*->d*). There is going to be a lot of work before the day comes when there is just one service provider with all those transponder slots available to carry even 10 channels of HD let alone 20! There is so many ifs in front of this merger and a lot of years before we see what really is going to happen. And how much it's going to cost us - the consumer. $$$$$. This merger ain't gonna be free for us. And for all those that say they don't mind paying $10-$20 extra a month for a few more channels of HD - well I already paid extra to get HD and I don't like kicking in more to get what I already had for free. I'm not saying that's the plan - charge more for HD but Charlie ain't doing this out of his pocket for very long. He has stockholders to account to plus a chunk of some bank's money.
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