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ecksman cinema construction started

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After several years of dreaming about a dedicated theater room, I finally get one!

We've started finishing our basement and my wife wanted a dedicated theater room (lucky me...though I tell people if she hadn't taken me to Disney World in 1995 where I saw a home theater demo, I wouldn't have been hooked!) so we designed one into the plan.

Unfortunately, the basement has relatively limited options as far as placement and what we wanted to do. Here's a plan of the room.

As you can see, it's roughly 11.5 feet by 13.5 feet. Relatively small. My wife wanted two rows of seats, but I couldn't sell her on "theater" seats, so we have a couple pretty tightly packed Berkline rows. Back row only has the two end arms, the front row has all the arms.

I want a 7' wide screen - wide for sitting that close, but we've already tested the projector and the picture was phenomenal, and that was projected on a sheet hanging from the framing.

Projector: Sanyo PLV-Z4

Screen: Goo Systems Lite Grey

Power: Monster 3500 MkII

Receiver: TBD - leaning toward Denon AVR 2807

Speakers: 7.1 Axiom Audio On-wall for Fronts, QS-4 surround and EP175

DVD Player: TBD

DishNetwork HD receiver

Impact Acoustics 12/2 in-wall speaker wire

Blue Jeans in-wall subwoofer cable

The "vis" image shows a rough plan.

The "theater-front" shows the front wall, where the screen will be. There will be a bathroom behind the screen, so I had them frame in a double wall.

The "theater-rack" image shows the back corner where the equipment rack will be. A Middle Atlantic sliding rack is going in there. You can also see the test run of the theater chairs. Riser height started low but it looks like we'll be adding some height and a step so the back row view is unobstructed.

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COngratulations on your startup. I am still in the planning phase. Having alot of wife issue as to what project get's started first. Unfortunately it is wood flooring on the 1st floor.
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