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  • This ECP-4100 has been upgraded to a 4500 and includes a new focus block and a new software ROM.
  • No visible wear on the 07MS tubes. I’ve put no more than a few hundred hours on them. Certainly no more than 1000 hours total on these tubes.
  • The case has always been a bit dirty and banged up, but I just hid it under a table. The case can be painted.
  • The high-voltage splitter developed a puncture several years ago. I recently replaced it and got the set running again.
  • Power cable and VGA to RGBHV BNC analog video cable are included.
  • I’ll include my 78” diag. DIY blackout fabric screen.
  • This projector can get up to around 720p (and 1080i).
  • You’ll get the best performance out of it with a home theater PC and custom resolutions/display timing. I’ll sell my old HTPC for cheap if you’re interested (or part it out).
  • Bought from Curt Palme at the beginning of 2005.
  • I haven’t used it in years and just don’t have the time to play with it anymore.

I have a set of glass color-filtered HD-144 lenses that I’ll include for $100 (or $150 if you just want the lenses). These are quite a bit nicer than the acrylic HD-6 lenses that come with the projector.

Local pickup in the Kansas City area only please. Shipping these huge projectors is a giant hassle.
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