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eD 13Kv.2 subs

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wow, first post in 2-1/2 years...

Alright, so i went ahead and impulse bought 4 of the clearance 13Kv.2 (dual 4 ohm) subs. Now, I need to figure out what to put them in.

I've seen the eD A3-300, which uses a single 13Kv.2 and a 300 watt amp. That is a 2.4 cu ft box tuned to 20 hz. However, I think that this design was dimensionally limited so that it was the largest box they could ship (cheaply).

I've also seen a post here that recommended a single 13Kv.2 in 3 cu ft tuned to 22 hz.

Both of those recommendations dont look too great (to my untrained eye) in winISD or unibox.

So, as I mess around trying to size a box to house all 4 of these things, I come up with a ported design as 560 liters tuned to 21 hz, and a sealed design as 250 liters at Q=0.707. Both look good to me, but I've never designed a sub before...

Am I way off here? Do my designs make sense? Opinions? Oh, I figure an EP1500 should do nicely to run all 4 at 2 x 4 ohms.


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Wow, that's exactly what happened to me! I ended up picking an EP2500 to push them (it's too much amp but I couldn't pass it up for the price). After some modeling I was looking at doing 500L box tuned to 15Hz with an 8" port. However, since this is my first DIY build and I have very little woodworking experience I decided to try them each in a sealed enclosure ~2 cubic feet (16"x16"x17.5")- 2 on each side of the room. I haven't gotten everything put together yet though so I can't say anything on the performance yet.
I have 2 ED 13Kv.2 (Dual 2 Ohm each) in 5.33 Cub Ft. enclosures down firing, tuned to 20 Hz with 4" flared ports at 18" with an elbow due to placement. Each has it's own BASH 300S amp. Thunderous performance. Measures at 109 [email protected] Hz (modeled at 110DB). Just my two cents.
well, after reading another thread here, i am thinking about using these a midbass arrangement. a 300 liter enclosure tuned to 29.5 hz models almost flat down to 40 hz.

i do plan on coupling this with 2 RL-P15 subs (eventually). so they should pick up the really low range.


Sounds good. These ED drivers are capable of alot more though.
If you're thinking about 300L you should model the 4 drivers in 300L tuned to 10Hz with a 4" port, that's one of the other designs I was considering before I decided to go sealed.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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