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ED plasmas with DV-59 or DVD-5900

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[I've also posted this in the Display Devices/Plasma section.]

So I'm ready to upgrade both my TV and my DVD player.

I'm leaning toward getting a 42" ED plasma (probably Panny), which I would pair with one of the new upscaling universal players like the Pioneer DV-59 or the Denon DVD-5900. (I also have a SA 3100HD cable box with about eight HD channels through Time Warner.)

So here's my question: is there any advantage to upscaling the DVD signal to, say, 720p if you are using an ED display? On paper this wouldn't seem to make sense, since ideally you would map the 480p DVD signal to the 480p display. But we all know how amazing HD signals look on ED displays (and Fox, at 480p, looks like crap next to true HD signals, as we'll see today during the NFL playoff games).

I'm aware that upscaling the DVD signal doesn't actually add resolution, but people who own the upscaling players claim to be amazed by the results.

The upscaling players I'm considering are fairly expensive, so if upscaling won't do me any good, I'll probably go with a cheaper player like the Denon 2900 (which I owned but recently sold with an eye on upgrading).

Has anyone used the DV-59 or DVD-5900 with an ED plasma?
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I use the 5900 with an ED plasma. I wouldn't recommend scaling the output though. The reason being is now you are scaling up, just so the plasma can scale back down. And it probably won't do as good of a job. It is essentially a useless step. Native HD feed are different since they are inherently a higher resolution to begin with.

I would still recommend a DVI based player like the Denon or Pioneer though, just because of the benefits of a pure digital signal.
Good point. Do you think the output of the 5900 via DVI at 480p justifies the price? Or is the value of the player derived from upscaling the output?

I owned the 2900 before and sold it to upgrade to the 5900, but I'm still trying to justify the high price.
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