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I would like to know why the Edge does not handle Audio INPUT/OUTPUTS per Input source?

For example:

I would like to pass audio via HDMI for ~ HDMI 1 Video Source

~ But would like HDMI 2 Video source to pass audio via optical not HDMI ~

Right now the settings for audio are global ~ Therefore If I select optical output, all sources will be output via optical.

Is it possible... since there are seperate picture controls per input> To have audio controls per input also? Or will the ABT chip not handle this.

I would like to use optical output for Films and video's since it allows me to use 5.1DD *(no HDMI5.1 Receiver) and use the audio delay feature on some bluray movies.

But I would like to keep my HDMI audio functionality on my Cable source since I do not watch TV with my receiver on all the time*(I just like turning the TV on itself only and not having to switch the receiver on as well to get audio)

I hope there could be a solution.
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