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Update #2: When you use a standard ethernet cable, it needs a ground between the units. I remember reading that somewhere. All I did was connect the monitor out on the 5803 to a video in on the TV, which was already connected to the 3910 via HDMI. That completed the ground. I hope this helps someone else in this situation!

Update: I got the DLink turned on in the 3910 by accessing setup with the drawer open. The option was no longer grayed out.

I still get no reaction on the receiver. IOW, it doesn't detect the digital signal. I've confirmed that my DVD input is assigned to DLink.

Stumped. This is probably simple. I'll check in if I fix it. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions. please let me know. I still wonder if it's my cable...


I’m a new (used) Denon DVD-3910 and (used) Denon AVR-5803A owner and trying to get them to talk. The 5803 has the “upgraded” sticker and reads Dlink 3rd. The 3910 probably has not been updated yet. Just wondering if there are any reasons not to do the “3 CD” update? I’ve got the files and plan to do it soon.

However, I believe I read that a Dlink S.E. 3910 will work with a Dlink 3rd receiver, right? I’ve got mine connected with a standard computer etherlink cable, Dlink turned on in the receiver and still get the grayed out Dlink menu in the 3910.

Am I missing a critical step to being able to select “on” or “2nd” in the 3910 menu? Is it the wrong cable?

Thank you!!
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