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Hello All,

There are a TON of threads here talking about AVCHD and Editing on PC's using Vegas, Pinnacle, etc.

Here's what I need to know.

I just picked up my HG21 and I am using a MacBook Pro (2.5 Core2Duo / 4 GB Ram / 9600M GT Video Card / Firewire 800 External drive for Scratch). I have ILife '08 so that means I have IMovie 08, IDVD 08, and I also have Final Cut Express 4 and Toast 9 Platinum.

I want to be able to take my video, and do a couple of things:

1.) Edit Video with Transitions, etc.

2.) Make a Quality DVD (Best Quality you can get with DVD)

3.) Make a AVCHD DVD for a Sony Blu-Ray Player.

4.) Make a Blu-Ray Disk

5.) I use Windows Media Center, so I'd like to be able to playback (stream) the video to my Windows Media Center Extenders.

My main issue is workflow. I don't know which software to use/what settings to use/etc.

I think that all AVCHD on mac gets imported as AIC (Apple Intermediary Codec), and from there it seems like quicktime is the way to go, but which codec, settings, etc.

Also, is anyone else out there doing any editing on a Macbook Pro like I am? What are your experiences / render times / etc.?

Thanks in advance!


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In the same boat here, just got an HF11 for x-mas and have FCE 4, waiting to buy Toast until I see if it can really do what I want (AVCHD/BD for blu ray with menus, any everything else you said). Will be watching this thread!

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Timing is impeccable.

I have been able to generate reasonable quality standard DVD quality using Imovie08 and iDVD (I like the menus better when compared to toast).

But need some help to generate an AVCHD disk for playing on a panansonic BD35.
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