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Editor's Picks: 6 CES Stand-Outs
Here are six products that stood out from the rest at CES 2009. by Robert Archer

Not only is the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the biggest trade show in the consumer electronics industry, it's also the biggest trade show in North America.

CES is home to thousands of new product introductions that range from cell phones and iPod docks to lighting systems and flat-panel televisions.

Sifting through this mass of products is just about impossible, but with a little focus on specific categories, here are six products that, in my opinion, stood out among the rest.

SIM2 C3X Lumis Host

SIM2 has always been on the cutting edge of advanced residential video, and the C3X Lumis Host is its latest example.

The Lumis Host combines the company's C3X 1080 projector, which features a three-chip array of Texas Instruments' DarkChip4 DLP technologies, along with its fiber-based Host module to enable installers to run an easy-to-pull single fiber cable to facilitate system connectivity.


Prior to its acquisition by Meridian this past fall, Sooloos was gaining a lot of momentum with its approach to music delivery. Now with its integration into Meridian's digital music systems, the product line is taken to a whole new level.

Russound Collage Multiroom Audio System

Participating in the HomePlug Alliance's CES booth, Russound had a working demonstration of its powerline-based Collage multiroom audio system.

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