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Is there an editor that works on a VRO file on the PC hard drive

and outputs a VRO that can then be played in the Panasonic DMR (e50)?

Of course, MovieAlbum's output VRO plays in the DMR, but MovieAlbum only

works on the DVD-RAM drive. I'm tired of copying to the LF-D521 drive

just to edit. That's 50 minutes of copying to and from the 521. I want to edit and organize clips on the hard drive and EVENTUALLY put a clip collection back on a DVD-RAM for the e50 to play.

I searched for several hours and didn't find a discussion on playing the

edited VRO file in the Panasonic. Everyone seems to convert to DVD-R after


I did get a list of candidates, though:

editors for VRO file

Womble's MPEG2VCR. Many users like it for Panasonic VRO files.

___Apparently outputs back to VRO, which not all the editors

___can do.

Pegasys TMPGEnc DVD Author (not frame accurate, but eliminates

___the pauses)

___ http://www.pegasys-inc.com/e_faq_author.html (dead now)

___May need mpeg2cut (dvdrhelp) to split vro file into

___individual episodes for TMPGEnc to input.

___Can't hear sound while editing.

MPEG Video Wizard (from Womble, replaces MPEG2VCR, frame


PowerDirector 3 from Cyberlink. Can read VRO, but can't write


Ulead VIDEOSTUDIO 7.01 has a DVD-VR plugin for DVD-RAM disks,

___but may only work on RAM drive and not on HD file.

Ulead MovieFactory 3 has DVD-VR read/write suport.

Sony's ScreenBlast maybe.

___ http://mediasoftware.sonypictures.c...uct.asp?PID=856

To get back to the DMR from PC:

___Need MTV file for MPEG2->MovieAlbum. Can use MTVMaGen.

___ http://www.prco.jp/program/mtvmagen/

___to decompress it: http://www.winzip.com/xextern.htm

___Need AC3 audio. ffmpeggui can convert other formats to AC3.



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Not sure if there is a single product that does it all, but you could do what you want using a couple of the above mentioned tools:

- Use DVD Author to import from the VRO file into a normal MPEG file.

- Edit the MPEG files as needed using your preferred MPEG editter.

- Use Ulead Video Studio 7 to output the MPEG files back to the RAM disk.

Ulead Video Studio 7 does not support AC3 audio so you cannot edit with it. However, it will allow you to output an already editted MPEG file with AC3 to the RAM disk. I did some recent testing with this. Search for my previous posts for more info.

Ulead MovieFactory 3 also supports VRO files and AC3 audio. I haven't tried it yet. So it may be the single product which can do what you want.
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