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Studios expansion into the digital realm doesn't exactly always register on my radar. Personally, I don't see second-run, second-tier titles being offered every which way as exactly forward-thinking. So Warner's recent steps to offer well-made, decently publicized independent films, from other companies, digitally, is quite exciting to me. The studio does well by consumers by partnering with Adam Yauch's Oscilloscope Laboratories to offer excellent films such as Wendy & Lucy and The Garden, along with other goodies like the documentaries Crips and Bloods: Made in America and Valentino: The Last Emperor that wouldn't otherwise get as much exposure. I'm not sure what Warner gets from something like this. My guess is not much. It might just be an experiment, but its one I think works for film fans because the focus seems to be on offering quality films from various distributors, rather than shoving subpar titles into whichever delivery method possible. Read the story here, and check out www.warnerbros.com for more information.
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