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Educating the masses on OAR, business card style

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Since it is apparently becoming a battle of trying to educate the J6Ps about original aspect ratio and how 'Full Screen' doesn't mean full image that was shot I figured I would make a couple printable demonstrations. They can be resized to business card size so the next time you see someone purchasing a fullscreen copy of a dvd that you know was shot widescreen then just show them this and hopefully they will understand.



Ok so I was bored and had some time on my hands. :D
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Nice try!

Oh, by the way...Ghost Busters needs to be unsqueezed... :D

Costco does carry OAR, at least in my location they do. I buy a lot of my DVDs there.

Looks good, I am sick of telling people about OAR, But I do, and will continue to do so.
If you would make those printable business cards, I would gladly drive all over Houston and throw them at people leaving Hollywood Video, etc.

Then again, that's probably a bad idea, given the anthrax "scare" we have had lately.

Anyway, that's a great idea and a great job well done, LYNXFX! I have nothing but contempt for full screen, etc. and would love to be involved in a process of fighting it.

I think that that is one of the neatest ideas i have seen in a long time. Kudos for bringing it up!! :D
Thanks for the compliments. Not sure what happened with the Ghostbusters one and the weird squeeze happening there. I'll go fix that. :)

I also realize that the Ghostbusters dvd is one of the few that is only LBX but it shows quite vividly what happens with the P&S process. Just look at the VHS copy and you lose two ghostbusters and almost always lose poor Egon.

I want to make more with movies that are truly hurt by going to P&S and that have both versions availabe to the public for seperate purchase, like Mummy Returns, Cats & Dogs etc. Cats & Dogs is my next one once I can find a WS copy of it. :( This also usually means movies that are 2.35:1 or higher. Most 1.85:1 movies do not show enough difference to make the point clear. Actually is Cats & Dogs 2.35:1 or 1.85:1?

Anyway I have a good one from Dark City that is coming up next. I'll post it here.

Anyone have any other ideas? I would be happy to do the graphics for them.
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Ghost Busters is from Columbia (Sony). They always have done anomorphic widescreen DVDs. GB is "enhanced" but becomes letterboxed when downconverted by players no set to output in 16x9, losing 33% of vertical resolution in the process.

No biggie, but thought I mention it anyway... :)

Thanks Frank. Always good to get all the facts out. :)
Ok after some good info here and from hometheaterforum I revised the ghostbusters one. I'm pleased at the good response I'm getting from these.


And just an FYI to keep confusion down, this has nothing to do with Ghostbusters itself but it was just the best example I could think of where a bad P&S version is engrained in my head.
My recommendation for the next card is the Empire Strikes Back was the first film that convinced me that widescreen was the only way to go. Having seen it on TV many times when the released the widescreen boxed set (the last version before the special editions) I was amazed at the extra scope, more AT ATs more spectacular shots of cloud city, and missing characters (usually chewbacca) are suddenly in more shots.

On DVD or not for the purpose of informing the public though I can think of no better example.

I think that for all of my sigs on all forums I go to (except here) I will put a picture like the ones LynxFX made.

We should all do the same. I know A LOT of people visit forums, and I normally look at the sigs.

LynxFX can I use the Ghostbusters pic? If I find a better one?.
LynxFX -

Like you, i was bored, and then was inspired by what you did, and dished up the following pics. And yeah, i know, Ep1 DVD is not P&S, but i just felt like playing around :) It shows how much damage P&S would do... If anybody has some good screenshots of other movies, i can easily apply the same filter to it.









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Use to your hearts content. :) Use mine, make your own, edit mine. Whatever works for you.


Those are some pretty good examples. I like the idea of fading it out in red too. Hmmmm more ideas coming. :)

I wanted to do some from the original trilogy but I do not have that in widescreen. Only have some P&S tapes that I borrowed from my brother but never returned. Wasn't a fan of SW for the longest time. Only saw the first trilogy just before Ep1 came out. :eek: But anyway I've seen some comparisons at widescreen.org , I think, and those films really get butchered by P&S.
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