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i'm looking into getting a new camcorder, mainly for the purpose of making post-edited home movies. for this reason alone i'm pretty sold on the canons because they offer 24p filming. the HG21 caught my attention due to it's large internal storage capacity, but the one thing that worries me is the effective video pixels at 2.07 MP. seems pretty low to me, especially when i see other canons coming out soon at 6.0 MP (canon hf s10) and even the sony sr12 is around 5.0 MP. my question is, how much does this actually matter? these are all high-def camcorders, and even high def just high def? i'm not sure i comprehend how much this effective video pixels thing even matters and if it's something i should be concerned about for my intended purposes (aka, movie making). if anyone could provide clarification and/or recommendations of what i should be looking for i would appreciate it.
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