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Effects of Blu-ray Quick Start mode when stacked upon component

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Due to a lack of space within my TV stand, I've had to stack my Blu-ray player (Sony BDP-360) upon my DVD player (Oppo 983H). I would like to utilize the Quick Start mode of the Blu-ray player, however I'm concerned with the possibility it would affect the Oppo underneath. I understand heat would probably be the biggest concern (I think I'm ok in that department, though something I'll revist when summer comes around), but is there a possibility for electronic interference of some sort? Based on my understanding, the player is "on" to some extent (from what I've read, it uses between 7-9 watts in Quick Start standby mode), would this have any effect on the Oppo below, which is used for both DVD playback and CD audio (the audio via analog connection). My concern is that it'll cause added noise with DVD playback (which I would normally assume as source related) or distortion of some kind when playing audio.

I believe I'm over-thinking this, but any responses, whether theoretical or factual, would be appreciated.

Many thanks.
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