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Effects of listening chairs on tactile response

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Does the type of chair affect tactile response?


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Does the type of chair affect tactile response?


Since no one responded yet. I will give you my thought about TR for your seating arrangement. I do not think that any type seating affect the TR that much.
But your type of floor do. Folks with a hardwood floor have great results for TR. But if built over a concrete floor, the TR is pretty well not existing.

When leaving in a place with hardwood floor, my single PB12 Plus/2 was very much present.
Then move to my new house, with the Theater with a concrete floor and no TR at all. Adding a second PB12 Plus/2 did not help at all.
So did moving to two PB13, for TR. And use the first type of seating arrangement for extra info.

Yes seating makes a huge difference, at least for me it did. I've been using the same couches for a year but recently bought some cheap HT Seats from Amazon.

The TR change a lot, unfortunately for the worse. I have an 18" sub a few inches behind our seats so it's obvious TR, but it decreased when changing seating.

For my situation, I believe it decreased because the new seats are kinda hollow and much smaller so there's less surface being hit. This is just my guess explanation for why I lost TR. It's so much that I almost sent the seats back and kept my couches but I love the look of the room and had to sacrifice some TR for a nice view.

Hope this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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