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I've searched, but it's hard to find much on the M33A model as far as owner experiences. Everyone is focused on the M34A.

I'm considering the M34A myself, but I also would pay the difference in price gladly for the M33A if I knew more about it. Things I like are the many ports (including eSata and VGA which both would be useful to me) and the LCD display (which can display resolution and format info as I understand it) as well as the integrated HDD and many other features. Even though I am looking at $269 vs $170 (roughly), I see the added features of the M33A as worth the diff.

However, I have concerns about fan noise, over heating, performance, and the absence of much end user comments and feedback on any of the forums. The M34A seems less risky and better supported from that aspect.

I'm hoping some people who actually own (or have owned) the M33A can respond here and tell me about their experiences and how they liked or disliked this unit. It seems like the best configured NMT out there currently (the PCH C200 arguably a contender if it shows up as spec'd).

Are the extra features worth it? (I realize this is subjective.)


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