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Hi AVS Folks!

I recently received approval from my House Manager (ie spouse) to evict our minivan from the garage and install an 8' x 8' room. This is a simple, freestanding square room that will be built from scratch and attached to the floor. The primary goal is to have a small quiet office to conduct calls/meetings.

Buuuuuut....I also want to incorporate weird/fun AV components where I can!

Aside from work I'm also a fan of movies and video games and would love to hear any crazy ideas or products I might want to consider for my small oasis in a land filled with Wild Children. I considered building in a tiny 5.2 system with two wallhugging recliners (date night theater?) but that might be pushing it for an 8 x8 space.

I'll be handling much of the work myself and have already started planning out some fun acoustic panels of my favorite book series (Red Rising).

Look forward to the conversation and thank you in advance for your wisdom!
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