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I have an LC-XB25 Projector that was in use at our church for about 10 years. It would have seen about 4 hours of use per week. It was one of a pair of them. The other one failed about two years ago and both were taken out of service. This one was still working at the time. I used it a few times at our house to show movies, and then we moved to a house where a newer existing projector was already in place.

That projector was taken out by lightning, so I am trying to set this one up again. The bulb that was in it had a piece of loose glass inside the bulb, so I replaced it with another (used) bulb that we had. I have ordered another bulb, but I was hoping to get the projector installed and aimed before the bulb arrived.

When I plugged in the power cord, the Power lamp began to glow a steady Red, which indicates "The projector is ready to be turned on with the POWER ON-OFF button." When I press the Power button, the Power lamp begins to glow steady Green and a quiet fan noise begins. The manual lists that as "The projector is operating normally."

After about 10 seconds, the Fan noise increases and the Power light begins flashing Red. The manual states that is "The projector is preparing for stand-by or the projection lamp is being cooled down. The projector cannot be turned on until cooling is completed."

At no point do I see evidence of the bulb coming on. One would think if this were simply a "the bulb is bad" condition, I would see the LAMP REPLACE light come on or something, but that is not the case.

I searched and this projector does not appear to have been discussed in the forums at all, so I am shooting int the dark (no pun intended). The new bulb should arrive in a few days, and I guess I can wait it out, but if any of you have any experience with this series who can set my mind at ease or give me some tips, I would appreciate it.


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