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Hi Everyone,

I'm a new member looking around for the ultimate projector under $3000 (so just like a lot of you out there).

Today, I came across a whole new projector from Eizo in a review on the PcPro website (UK). Here is the website: www.pcpro.co.uk (you need to register to be able to read the reviews). Anyway, they compare the following projectors:

3m mp8747 (rated 2 out of 6)

Canon LV7325 (rated 2 out of 6)

Compaq MP2800 (rated 4 out of 6)

Eizo Flexscan IP420U (rated 6 out of 6 !!!)

Epson EMP-715 (rated 3 out of 6)

Mitsubishi LVP-X70UX (rated 5 out of 6)

NEC LT155 (rated 6 out of 6)

NEC VT540 (rated 1 out of 6 ???)

* low contrast/743 lumen/"The linearity and pincushion tests revealed horizontally inconsistent line spacing, while green and red colour purity weren't consistently produced across the lens despite NEC's proprietary Vortex technology. Its low contrast levels weren't a great help when it came to producing text colour combinations, either."

Philips XG20 (rated 5 out of 6)

Philips X-lite (rated 3 out of 6)

Proxima DP6100 (rated 5 out of 6)

Proxima X350 (rated 3 out of 6)

Toshiba TLP-B2 (rated 3 out of 6)

As you can see the LT155 did very well (no surprise after all reviews here on the forum), VT540 is surprisingly low (they must have had a bad unit), but the Eizo is on par with the LT155. The MSRP is 3195 UK Pounds which is 100 pound below the VT540 and 800 pounds below the LT155 (so the street price should be interesting as well).

Some details:

LCD - 1024 * 768

1100 Lumen (896 measured)

Contrast is quoted 250 but they measured it almost equal to Infocus Lp350

150 W UHP bulb (2000 hrs)

Further remarks:

" One area where it notably failed was in horizontal colour registration. This indicates slight horizontal misalignment of the RGB signal but nothing of prime concern. Overall, it's the best unit for image quality."

"At £3,195, the FlexScan is good value considering its excellent image quality. This, together with a healthy selection of features make it a worthy Honourable Mention winner."

"This is the first projector we've seen from Eizo, but the FlexScan IP420U's combination of good geometry, excellent contrast and brightness lifted it to award-winning status in this Labs".

So... who knows more about this projector. I can't find a lot on the web. Apparently it's not sold in the US (yet). Is this maybe a clone from another projector? Eizo is well known for their monitors. Have they build a good projector as well?

Any input/knowledge is appreciated.

P.s See also Eizo UK website at:

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From the picture on the EIZO web site, the IP420U exterior looks like a Mitsubishi X70. The PDF file says its unique Digital Color Enhancer is exactly the Mitsubishi's Natural Color Matrix.

You can compare the spec with the X70 to see if they are similar.

If they give it a 6 out of 6 star, imagine they see Mitsubishi's higher contrast 550:1 video model L-2000V (see my previous review)

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