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Elan with Sirius

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I am in the process of buying a whole house system using all Elan products list below:

Elan System 12 Multi-Room AV Controller

Elan SS1 System Station

Elan DTNR Digital Dual Tuner (am/fm)

Elan Ole Keypads

Elan Via 2-8.4 Wireless Control Panel

Elan VIA!Quad

Elan Cameras

Elan Via!migo Ipod Integration Doc

I want to add a Sirius Satellite radio(for the NFL network), but was told that there are none available with 2 way communication so that I can see the artist / song information on my keypads/wireless remote.

Does anybody no of any Sirius Satellite radios that will work with Elan and provide me the artist/song information?
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There are no drivers written for Elan 2 way communication with any available Sirius recievers. There are Sirius recievers with serial control.

Antex makes a 3 tuner Sirius reciver (which is basically the same as the Elan XM three tuner ) that has a published serial protocol. (it may even be the same or very similar to the Elan XMR3) It is possible to get the driver written for this product, it will just take finding someone to do it.

I just looked, and there is a oneway serial driver already written for the Antex Sirius reciever. At this point it doesn't look like a two way driver is available, but the existing XMR3 driver MAY work, or it may not. Either way, at least one way control is available.
Thanks - I was going to buy the Antex and thought Elan was going to come out with the drivers for 2-way communication, but heard they stopped that effort once XM and Sirius announced their merger plans.

If anybody know's of any drivers I can get to make the 2way communication work or another Sirius radio that has the drivers - that would be great
as far as i know we have no two-way control of Sirius.

i can ask engineering though!
does anyone have 2 way communication with Sirius?

Originally Posted by demonspawn /forum/post/0

as far as i know we have no two-way control of Sirius.

i can ask engineering though!

Thanks - do you know if this is something Elan will be doing in the future
maybe after we launch our new programming software.

which is still way down the road at this point no firm date when it will released.
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