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Maybe someone can give me a hand because I can't seem to get a straight answer.

I wired everyone room in my new construction with Quad Shield RG6. I brought a feed of RG6 and Cat5e outside for cable and internet.

Decided later to go with FiOS.

Please see the attached picture and simple wiring diagram. I used an Electroline EDA-FT08300 because the average run was 150' and I split a few of the rooms with 2ghz splitters.

Can I use the amplifier on the Fios system without MoCA issues or not?

Here are the specs on the amplifier:

Features and Specifications: Number of ports: 8 Forward gain: 3 dB Return path insertion loss: 0 dB Forward passband: 54-1000 MHz Return passband: 5-42 MHz Frequency response flatness: ±1 dB Surge protection (IEEE C62.41-1991, all ports) ring wave: 6 kV, 500 A, loc. B3, combination wave: 6 kV, 3 kA, loc. B3 Operating temperature: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to +60°C).

Any help would be appreciated. I really don't want to remove the amp if possible.

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