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Elgato EyeTV deals available until 12/31

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Found this info on one of the bargain hunting sites. Looks like you don't have to be a member of the user group to take advantage of these deals. Not owning a Mac myself (yet), I'm not sure how great this is, but I thought I would post it for everyone else's benefit should this prove to be a smoking hot deal opportunity..


EyeHome $149 - 100MIR + $8.25 shipping = $57.25

EyeTV 200 $259 - 30MIR = $229 + shipping

EyeTV 500 $289 - 50MIR = $239 + shipping

EyeTV EZ $124 + shipping

EyeHome Refurb $99 + shipping (rebate does not apply)

EyeTV 500 Refurb $199 + shipping (rebate does not apply)
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Go for the EyeTV 500 refurbs. They're a great deal without the rebate issues. Thanks for the heads up, although I already have 5 and EyeTV isn't supporting more than 3 on one comp right now. :D More MacWorld specials to follow real soon...
Does the Eye TV 500 do mpeg4 and has anyone found out if it works with the D* H20 which I think has a USB port??
It doesn't natively do MPEG4, but you can convert.... (Takes forever to go to H.264 from TS) In a "few" years, probably won't be as big of an issue.

It's firewire based so it won't work with the D*.
So what are they releasing at MacWorld that is so cool that they're selling the current products at these prices?
Here in Europe Premiere just started three new satellite channels in high definition (1080i), all of them using MPEG4.

When HDTV will be available over the air, it is going to be MPEG4/H264 since this will use a lot less data transfer rate & bandwith.

So a TV-tuner that can do MPEG4/H264 will be essential if you want to see HD !

I've read about a few small test markets in the U.S. where H.264 is being tried, but that's not likely to materialize on a nationwide broadcast for political and financial reasons. I've heard PBS is also discussing a limited H.264 trial but that's also political and financially influenced. PBS typically runs several years ahead of everyone else in rolling out new technologies. I won't hold my breath for broad MPEG4 / H.264 use in North America in the next decade. Congress keeps pushing back the deadline for reclaiming the analog TV spectrum -- currently slated at 2009. A transition from one digital format to another is just not politically feasable.

I wish it were different. Apple seems committed to neglecting MPEG2_ts (ATSC) support despite our many vocal protestations.
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