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I need some advice. I just got a great deal on a an Epson 8350 on Craigslist and the projector came with a 100" Elite Screen ( http://www.amazon.com/Elite-Screens-ER100WH1-SableFrame-Projection/dp/B00366KE3I ).


I was planning on painting a 110" section of the wall with some projector paint, and selling the screen.


My question is, is there a big quality difference between a painted wall and that screen to where I should keep the screen or can I sell the screen for $100 bucks and make a little money?



Some info.

Screen will be about 16' from the wall

No windows in the room(No ambient light)

The throw wall is 10'8" wide with 8' cielings

This is a dedicated theater room 


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