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You guys have been a tremendous help thus far helping me determine what WHA system, Network layout, etc...

Well I am now trying to figure out the security system.

It is a two story house with a attached single car garage and a two car detached garage/man cave.

There are 4 bedrooms.

There are a total of 26 windows and 5 doors.

My zones are planned as followed
  1. Down stairs windows
  2. Down stairs doors
  3. Down stairs Motion sensors
  4. Upstairs windows
  5. Upstairs doors
  6. Upstairs Motion sensors
  7. Smoke alarms
  8. Water sensor (leak detection)
  9. Garage Motion sensor
  10. Garage Doors

From my research this morning I read that:
  • Smoke detectors should go in every sleeping room and one per floor.
  • Use solid 4 conductor 22 AWG alarm wire (BLK, RD, GRN, YEL)
  • Smoke sensors and the power wires for the alarm typically should be 18 AWG or better
  • Use normally closed (NC) circuits when possible

Since it is new construction everything will be hard wired for now.

This morning I was sure that DSC was the way to go. Then after reading through forums for a few more hours I was sure that Ademco was the way to go. I should of stopped there but I kept on researching and now it seems like the ELK system is the way to go. I can start of with a basic security system and in 900 years I might be able to afford to start adding functionality/automation.

So now to my questions.

What basics components do I need to achieve this.
  1. I was looking at the ELK M1 Gold ELK-M1GCB Control Board
  2. Should I only buy certain types/brands of sensors (windows/doors/smoke). Are there compatiblilty issues I need to watch out for
  3. Will the Ethernet Interface (M1XEP) allow me to remotely monitor and receive notifications when the alarm is tripped



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Lots of Elk threads at cocoontech Home Security and Elk subforums. It's very expensive, but powerful, and there is a ton of online support.

Edit - I say expensive, relative to the basic Ademco and DSC panels, once you add up the coat of the expansion devices.
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