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I don't like the 2011 Sony / Andy Pearce edition of Welcome Back My Friends (The 1974 live album) from ELP (Emerson, Lake & Palmer).

I have the 2001 Sanctuary/Castle Music CD import. The artwork on the CDs and the booklet of the 2001 release far exceed the SONY 2011 offering.

The reason I didn't like the Sony 2011 CD is personal taste. I can see why others may love it. What I found on the 2011 CD was that the bass sounded very warm and clean, and well, it sounded like the bass did when I saw ELP perform in the Fall of 1973 in Dallas. And that should be a good thing.

But...... the rub I have with the bass being right, is that the rest of the music, the keyboards, the percussion, the vocals, are somewhat swamped by the bass, imo. And that is *not* how I remember hearing it in Dallas in 1973. As loud as the bass was, the keyboards and the vocals, rode on top of the bass, if ever so slightly. It's a finesse thing, and I simply *do not* prefer the bass to ride over the vocals and keyboards, even slightly.

I bought WBMF recently, seeing that it was an import, I didn't realize that it wasn't the 2001 release. I was just purchasing a back-up copy for the 2001 edition, I thought. But that's on me for not looking into it more closely. I will be donating the 2011 edition to the Public Library, so someone can discover ELP Live.

The SONY 2011 version has the digital display of the track and album ID, whereas the 2001 Sanctuary doesn't.

Each digital display of each SONY track has, with the title of the song, the following: [LIVE IN ANAHEIM, 1974]

The SONY CD, on the back cover of the case also lists the individual parts of TARKUS 1.-7. (But, there is *no* indexing on the disc, just Track 4 "TARKUS". Other tracks also have some added information that the 2001 back cover does not. But.... the back cover of the 2001 booklet has all of the 2011 information and more.

Neither the 2001, or the 2011 discs have any track listings on them.
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