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ELT 5.0 vs Polk Monitor 60s

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Hello all,

I'm finally about to pull the trigger on my first non htib speaker set up. I keep chasing threads all over the forums and I've finally hit my limit, I just can't digest any more information and I have to make the best decision that I can.

The setup:

A roughly 12 x 20 rectangular room with the entertainment center and couch opposite each other at the midpoints of the 12' walls.

One of these three receivers powering it: Onkyo 606, Onkyo 706, or Denon 789

5.1 setup (sub to be picked up eventually, likely a Bic H-100)

To be used for roughly 70% movies (running through PS3) and 30% gaming

The speakers:

Setup 1: 4 Polk monitor 60s and a cs2

I auditioned the Polk TSI300s which seemed to be as close as I could find to the monitor 60s. They came off as decent, not super, but far in excess of my current setup (a piece of junk Panasonic htib). One high point of this is that it would seem that having the four identical mains and rears would make for an excellent sound stage and be useful for multi directional events in games?

Setup 2: ELT setup from av123. 2 ELT525 towers, and 2 ELT 525m's for rears along with the corresponding center.

I really don't know what to make of these except that they seem to be getting excellent reviews, and they are coming in near the right price range.

I know there are other options out there like an SCS 5.0 speaker setup, some kind of setup from The Speaker Company, or looking for Polk RTi A5s (which don't seem to exist at any kind of cheap price point), or even the EMP HTP-351T 5.1 speaker system (which seems like something has to be off at the price). I have just hit the information overload point now, and am finally deciding to pull the trigger one way or the other.

I also know the general response is to audition, and figure out what is right for my ears. The downside is that my only real audition options in the area are a Circuit City and Best Buy. This hasn't been going well as at 3 of the 4 in the area, they haven't even been able to turn the systems on, much less give me any constructive information.

Any last minute help you all can offer would be greatly appreciated. I just realize that unless I finally do it, I'm never going to actually buy something, I'm just going to keep running around in circles, reading forums, and forever not enjoying listening to my sound system.

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i have yet to hear a set of polks that i like...now i'm a little biased towards av123's stuff, but that's for very good reason. i strongly suggest you go that route. they have an amazing product at a rediculously low price. i don't think you can go wrong. also, you should really consider the Pioneer 1018 receiver as well. for the price, i don't htink you'll find a receiver with more features. as for sub, well,....that's open for discussion, but i would lean towards a better sub especially if you love movies etc. BASS is where teh EMOTION really comes out in a movie.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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