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Hi I recently purchased a TCLc803 from Costco for my home. I'm well aware of the shortcomings with the model, but I was surprised by a notable radiating pattern of brights darks coming from the center of the screen when looking at a pure white background. Some folks call this the "Dirty Screen Effect" or DSE. In reading online about this, some folks recommend returning and swapping out for a different panel as the LCD may have become misaligned. I did just that, and bought another to compare, and to bring back the old one. In testing side by side (the original TV mounted on the wall and the new TV on the floor) the new tv looked totally clean. Great! so I took the old one down, and mounted the new one. Lo and behold the new TV exhibited the same issue once mounted. ARGH. It must be something with the mounted environment. Specifically the TV is mounted above the brick fireplace (bracket is also mounted in brick), and I brought power through with BX wiring between the bricks, and put an outlet directly behind the center of the TV. This is the first TV ever to be mounted there. I'm wondering:

- Is this an issue with Electro-magnetic-interference? I do not have a power conditioner, but I know the line/outlet brought behind the tv is properly grounded.
- I plan on running an extension cord to the TV from another circuit and shutting down the circuit behind it to test
- if it is the line/outlet, what can I do? Shielding?
- has anyone experienced anything like this before with wall mounted panels with outlets behind them?
- Could this be a specific issue with TCL's being they are so cheap?

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