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I found a nice deal on a "kit" of (stereo pair of each)
- Eminence Alpha 15a (15" woofer)
- Eminence beta 12 LTA (12" full range)
- Philips ribbon super tweeter.

I did a little searching and found some really cool looking open baffle designs for these speakers. The fellow I bought them from assured me there were some plans with them, and crossover components. it turns out that the plans are just a wiring diagram; basically a coil in line with the woofer, and a cap in line with each of the full range and the tweeter.

I know very well that the design of the baffle has a huge effect on the FR of the drivers, and so also the crossover design. But I haven't been able to find any "full design" info ie: use these values with this baffle style / width etc.

I've built quite a number of speakers, but all are from pre-planned, established designs. I have no measurement equipment, (excluding a simple mic etc for REW and a rat-shack SPL meter) so don't really want to start trying to experiment and find my own values.

Anyone here have OB experience with these drivers?

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