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What speaker manufacturer wants to keep their speakers all to themselves? Eminent Technology, that's who. It took me two months from the order day to delivery. There were a lot of emails in between. They were being made for the first month (really, a month?), the second month was spent for testing and packing. This playing hard to get worked perfectly on me. I wanted them more with every hour's passing.

Not like I had a choice. There are only one company that I know of that makes world's first and only hybrid loudspeaker using the highly acclaimed Linear Field Planar Magnetic Transducers combined with a low Q 8" woofer in a sealed enclosure. These are push/pull electrostatic speakers, differing in that it requires no step-up transformer or bias voltage, and that the audio signal is applied directly to its diaphragm. What does that mean, you may ask? I can put you to sleep with technical details. Suffice to say they are immune to the major shortcomings of the electrostats like Martin Logans and the planars like Magnepans. They are not perfect, mind you. But as close to perfect as I ever heard.
To better understand how they operate and how they sound please refer to these excellent and professional reviews in the Absolute Sound and HiFi Choice .
It has been two days since I got them and I am in a sonic bliss. You know that state - you stop listening to bits and pieces of hi rez music because they are supposedly sound best and instead play whole albums, back to back , for hours and days only because all and any music sounds so live, so real , so engaging that you are listening like today is your last day on earth and you have to experience the real music before you kick the bucket.

Here are some pics of the speakers in my set up (I am running a quad setup with 2.7 Maggies and dual Sunfire subwoofers).

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