Emotiva is already well-known for its selection of affordably priced audiophile-grade gear. Now, the company is expanding its offerings with the Emersa line of AV components. The new gear is all about providing a performance lifestyle audio experience—it's compact, runs cool, and is super-easy to operate. Furthermore, the pricing is wallet-friendly, with no individual component costing more than $1000.

Emotiva will bring its new Emersa components to CES 2016, where I plan to peek under the hood and give the new gear a good listen. Also, when I get more photos, specs, or stats, I'll update this post.

The EmersaEMP-1 ($900) is a 7.1 channel pre/pro with Dirac Live room correction, built-in Bluetooth connectivity, a USB DAC, a white OLED graphical display, and an Ethernet remote control option. It features unbalanced analog outputs plus a balanced subwoofer output, and it comes with a machined aluminum remote control. Furthermore, the EMP-1 uses the same operating system as Emotiva's flagship XMC-1 pre/pro.

The Emotiva Emersa EMP-1 pre/pro.
Emotiva's EmersaEPA-1 ($600) is a stereo preamp featuring digital audio inputs. Its OLED display lets you set any and all options. In addition to digital inputs, it has four pairs of standard (unbalanced) stereo analog inputs, as well as one moving magnet phono input.

You can use the EPA-1 in standard stereo mode, or in a 2.1 mode. It can be connected to a stereo power amp, or powered speakers. In the 2.1-channel mode, the EPA-1 offers a fixed 80 Hz high-pass crossover for the main channels and a separate balanced output for the summed subwoofer signal.

The EPA-1 supports several modular digital audio options: The DAC1 input module provides streaming audio via USB, the DAC2 input module ups that to audiophile-grade USB audio using an AKM 32-bit D/A converter, whereas the Universal Streaming module offers WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connections in addition to USB.

Emotiva's Emersa EPA-1 stereo preamp.
The EmersaEPI-1 ($800) is an integrated amplifier that combines the Emersa EPA-1's features—including the optional digital input modules—with 100 watts per channel (2 channels) of ICEpower Class-D amplification into one slim chassis.

Three new Emersa amplifiers compliment the EMP-1 and EPA-1. All three amps use lightweight, efficient ICEpower Class-D power amps. They are the Emersa EDA-2 ($600) which offers 2 channels at 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the EDA-5 ($800) with 5 channels of 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and the EDA-7, which offers 7 channels at 125 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Emotiva also announced a significant expansion of its Airmotiv line of speakers , and introduced its third generation of XPA amplifiers .