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Hi guys,

I am an Emotiva newbie having just bought the XPA-200 amplifier (150W x 2) at the beginning of the year. The amp hasn't seen much use since arriving as I have traveling a lot during this period. Last night I turned it on for a couple of hours (from standby) to listen to music. My set up is as follows:

Sony CD Player -> Yamaha RX-V663 AVR -> Preout -> Emotiva XPA-200 -> Athena Tower Speakers (to be replaced this month by B&W 683)

After I was done listening, I put the amplifier back into standby mode (orange light around power button). After an hour or so, I started hearing "clicking sounds" from the amplifier in standby mode with orange light blinking with each click. As it was too late, I turned off the amplifier using the main power switch at the back and went to sleep.

This morning I decided to listen to some more music and turned the main power switch on the XPA-200 back into ON position. However, nothing happened and the orange standby light did not turn on (on front panel) as expected. I looked at the back of the amplifier and the 230V power source light had lit up. Now as far as I remember, the 115V light used be on at the back, not the 230V (which I think is the normal case for any power outlet in the US).

I have tried changing power outlets but it hasn't worked. Any help in resolving this problem is very much appreciated. After 5-6 years of AVR use, I decided that 2013 will be the year to move to separates and this was not the start I was looking for. Please HELP!
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