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Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblock Pair + Custom Sound Anchor Stands + X-Series Speaker Cable

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I'm selling these two Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblocks with custom Sound Anchor amp stands.  They are the absolutely best amps I've heard, although my current situation requires me to sell them.


Brand new, these Emotiva XPR-1 Monoblocks sell for $3400 a pair and they offer 1000 watts per channel into 8 Ohm speakers, and 1,750 watts per channel into 4 Ohm channels.  The Sound Anchor amp stands have been customized to the XPR-1 dimensions and cost $360 each ($720 for the pair).  Both the amps and amp stands have been very well cared for. 


View my Review of the Emotiva XPR-1's here.

View my Emotiva XPR-1 Unboxing Video here.


I'm throwing in a pair of Emotiva speaker cables into the mix with the sale.


PM me with questions.


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Very sorry you're XPR's, Matt. I enjoyed your Youtube demo for months. Posted there a few times, which gotten me into spirited discussions with some "audiophiles". If you dont mind my asking what power amps are you upgrading to?
I got to this post while looking for video stands deep enough to house my XPA-5 Gen 2 and XPR-2.
Thanks a lot. :)
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