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EMP EW-25/30/35 Onwall Speakers - Anyone heard or own them?

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I am interested in hearing from anyone who has actually heard the EMP-EW line of speakers. They look great and got a nice review on audioholics.com.

x_http:// www.emptek.com/

x_http:// store.audioholics.com/product/782/66189/emp-ew25-on-wall-speaker--january-special---buy-one-get-the-second-free--

x_http:// www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/architectural/emp-ew30/emp-ew30-build-quality

I am hanging a 42" Pioneer Plasma on the wall and would like something that looks good and sounds as good as possible without breaking the bank (LRC for under $1500). I have a great Sub - Outlaw LFM-1 so bass isn't a problem. I was leaning towards Definitive Technology Mythos line (Two's for main, Three for Center and GemXL for surrounds). I heard them at Magnolia and they were very nice considering their size and very nice looking. Then I ran across the EMP's. Awesome price deals this month but it's hard for me to buy a set of speakers without hearing them first. Like I said Mythos and also NHT L5's were at the top of the list before I saw the EMPs. Any other on-wall suggestions are welcome - not interested in the Axiom hybrids - cool concept but I don't want to cut into my sheetrock.


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Vienna Acoustics and Martin Logan make a killer set of on-walls. I auditioned the Vienna's, and it ruined my on-wall choice, which was either Paradigm Cinema 330 or Monitor Audio R225. Those Vienna's just sounded so much better, but they were out of my budget range. So, I went with floorstanders (PSB), so I could get a fuller sound within my budget.

You might also want to chech Paradigm Millenia Series.
You end up getting these? Any comments on them?
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